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Your data

AJTG Ltd holds personal data on clients or people who have contacted us in relation to business. The data will include contact information and other information that you provide as part of the coaching or consultancy work, Names, phone numbers and email address are stored in our email and phone contacts and are password protected. Notes will be kept either on a password protected computer or on paper (long term storage in a secure location). This information is never shared with third parties, unless we are legally required to do so or if we believe that there is a possibility of harm to yourself or a third party.
You have a right to see information held by AJTG Ltd or ask us to delete all information we hold on you. To do so, please email. We will keep your contact details and billing information for up to 7 years after our last contact. Any other notes or information that the company has made will be kept for up to 5 years (to allow us to provide continuity of support), unless you request otherwise. If you have provided any confidential information or data under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) it will be destroyed in accordance with the NDA.
By giving us your contact details you are consenting for us to approach you for business purposes, including (but not limited to) arranging meetings and follow-up. You have the right to inform AJTG Ltd in writing, via email or text message, that you no longer wish to be contacted.